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Orders placed with less than fifteen (15) business days lead time will be taken based on availability of product and/or services and may require an additional handling fee to expedite and/or guarantee product availability. All quotes will have a “Confirmed Order Date Needed By”.


Metro Events, A Division of Metro Linen Service, requires full payment at the time merchandise is picked up or delivered.


Deposits may be made by check or credit card and is required at the time order is confirmed. Metro Linen Service accepts MasterCard, Visa, & Discover Card and checks as payment forms. The required deposit is a separate transaction from the Confirmed Order. However, the method of payment can be the same method of payment used for the confirmed order. Your design coordinator will handle both transactions for your order. The deposit schedule is:

Order is less than $500 $200 deposit
Orders between $500-$1,000 $400 deposit
Orders over $1,000 $600 deposit


a. So that Metro Events, A Division of Metro Linen Service can fulfill your order requirements, your design coordinator will provide a date in which you need to confirm your order by. Confirmations of orders may be faxed to (972) 542-9330, emailed to your design coordinator, or made in person at our Showroom location. Verbal approvals are not accepted. The “Confirmed Order Date Needed By” is unique to each client and/or quote and is based on requirements of your order, including your event and/or delivery date(s). The “Confirmed Order Date Needed By” will guarantee your order is complete and prepared especially for your event.

b. As always, we understand that modifications to orders previously confirmed may be required. Please contact your design coordinator for Modifications to your order. Metro Events, A Division of Metro Linen Service, may require cancellation fees if certain items requested are removed from the Confirmed Order. Every effort will be made by Metro Events to respond to your needs, but you assume responsibility for items that Metro Events cannot cancel past the Confirmed Date.

Your design coordinator will provide you with fee information, if applicable. If your order modification requires an increase of a previously ordered item or the addition of new items, your design coordinator will verify availability and the associated prices. Expedited charges may apply and will be discussed prior to your approval of the change(s), by your design coordinator. Metro Linen Service does not guarantee the availability of additional items. Modifications to orders will also need to be Re-Confirmed by the customer. The deposit agreement will be amended as dictated by the modification(s) to the original Confirmed Order.

c. All confirmed orders require the customer’s final approval of the most recently prepared quote, a signed order agreement, and a signed deposit agreement. It will not be a “Confirmed Order” until these requirements have been submitted by the customer.

d. The Cancellation of any Confirmed Order must be made in writing by the signatory represented on the Order Agreement and Deposit Agreement. The written cancellation may be faxed to (972) 542-9330; sent by email to your design coordinator; or via USPS to PO Box 978, McKinney, TX 75070. If the signatory is a third party representing your interests, i.e. Event Planner, Metro Linen Service will not accept a cancellation made by any party who has not signed the Order and Deposit Agreements.

e. Cancellation Fees may apply depending upon the Receipt of the Cancellation Date by Metro Events, A Division of Metro Linen Service and are as follows:

Confirmed Orders Cancelled within seven (7) business days of the delivery/pick-up date, will require payment in full less delivery and set up fees of the confirmed order. Note Holiday Season Exception below.

Confirmed Orders Cancelled after seven (7) business days, but before ten (10) by close of business on the tenth business day) of the delivery/pick up date, will be subject to a fifty percent (50%) fee of the total order less delivery and set up fees.  Note Holiday Season Exception below.

Confirmed Orders Cancelled prior to, and including the eleventh (11th) business day prior to the delivery/pick up date will be cancelled without incurring a cancellation fee.  Note Holiday Season Exception below.

f. Holiday Season Order Cancellation Exception

Any Confirmed Order for Linen and/or Furniture Rental cancelled during the Holiday Season will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee including delivery and set up fees. The Holiday Season is defined for the purpose of this agreement as events with confirmed orders for either a delivery or pick up dates between November 1st, 2011 through January 6th, 2012.


a. Dye lots vary. Dye lots vary for several reasons: Linen is added to our stock at different times and may be made from different dye lots from our manufacturer. Some colors are rented more frequently than others and are washed more frequently causing fading of color.  Our staff will make every attempt to match the shades to the best of our ability.

b. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to return all linen and rental furniture/other rentals in the same condition you received them, except for normal soiling and wear and tear. Normal soiling is food, beverages, and other consumable stains. It does not include wax, ink, holes, and/or other unusual or abusive damage. Linen is expected to be free of loose items before returning. Upon receipt of items it is your responsibility to inspect and inform Metro Events, A Division of Metro Linen Service of any damages prior to the event.  Linen or Furniture that is returned damaged is assumed to have been damage-free at time of pick up unless otherwise noted by your design coordinator.

c. Consumer understands and accepts that rental items not returned, or returned damaged as to prohibit their subsequent use, will be billed a replacement cost which will be invoiced separately and will be payable within 30 days. This replacement charge is in addition to the regular rental charge for the item(s).

d. You are responsible for the rental items on the invoice from the time these items are picked up or delivered until the time they are returned to our facility and acknowledged by a member of the office or if delivered, by a member of our delivery personnel. You are responsible for counting the items upon pick up or delivery. If you do not notify us immediately of any discrepancy you surrender the right to claim missing or damaged rental items. Upon return, if the rental items are missing, lost, stolen, or damaged under any circumstances, regardless of fault, you are responsible for paying the replacement cost of the merchandise.


Items rented on Friday are due back the following Monday. Items rented Monday thru Thursday are due back the day following your pick up / delivery date. All rental items are due back between the hours of 8:00 am & 4:30 pm. Any rental items not returned by 4:30 pm the day following your pick up date will be charged a second day rental fee and will continue to be charged a full day rental for each day.  Rental items including linens, chairs, & tables may be return in person at:

325 E. Industrial Blvd. McKinney, TX 75069


You acknowledge that if any of the items stated above are damaged you may be responsible for additional charges. You agree that any of these charges can either be billed to your credit card or billed at our discretion. A courtesy call will be attempted prior to charging the card, but is not required. If original invoice charges, late fees, damage fees, or replacement costs and / or other legitimate charges are left unpaid, you will be subject to legal action. You also acknowledge that you are responsible for any collection costs including: collection agency fees, attorney fees, court costs, and any other costs incurred while attempting to collect outstanding charges due to Metro Linen Service.


Metro Events and Metro Linen Service are not responsible for any property returned that does not belong to the company. We agree that we will try to return non-owned items, but ultimately it is not our responsibility. We are not subject to any charges incurred to you by other parties regarding lost items sent improperly.


You agree to permit Metro Events, A Division of Metro Linen Service to photograph the rented linens, tables, and/or chairs for potential marketing use. Metro Events will not interfere with the event and will not photograph you or any guests, without your written permission. Metro Events will not photograph events when the event is at a private residence or private property restricted by use of general public.

By signing, this agreement shall be a binding contract between Customer and Metro Events, A Division of Metro Linen Service and you agree to the terms of this agreement as outlined above.

Customer Name :                                                                                                                                                                            
PRINTED                                                                                                  DATE

Customer Signature:                                                                                                                                                                     


For Third Party Representatives of Clients

I,                                                                                                                                                                             give
Customer Name – Please Print
 authorization to                                                                                                                                                                               
List Full Name of third party representative AND applicable Business Name and Title – Please Print
to act as my agent and/or representative for the duration of the planning of the event scheduled
on                                                                                                                           including any post event follow up
Date of Event or Delivery/Pick Up Date
on my behalf.  I understand that this does not release me from my responsibilities of this agreement and I will uphold its terms.

Customer Name :                                                                                                                                                                            
PRINTED                                                                                                  DATE

Customer Signature:                                                                                                                                                                     

 Third Party Name:                                                                                                                                                                          
PRINTED                                                                                                  DATE

 Third Party Representative Signature:                                                                                                                                   

 Thank You for the Opportunity to Serve You!

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