Recipient of Outstanding Business of Year AwardMetro Linen Service serves the Dallas, Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas as well as the South Central and Southeastern region of Oklahoma.

We have proudly served our customers since 1987 as an independently owned and operated company.

Awarded Outstanding Business of the Year for 2010
by the McKinney, Texas Chamber of Commerce.

About Metro Linen Service

Our management team is made up of experienced industry professionals who share their talents with our customers.  The management team’s vision is to always provide the best quality products and customer service that sets us apart.

Our management philosophy is consistent with our belief that we have a unique opportunity in serving our clients so that they are always successful in their endeavors.

Serving the Hospitality Industry

Whether you are a casual dining venue or full service dining establishment, Metro Linen Service can service your textile needs with a full line of, table linens, products to maintain your facility, and uniforms.

With exceptionally high quality products and our servicing program, we can insure that your needs are met so that you never have to worry about it…giving you the time to focus on your customers.

If you are a business within the hospitality industry and are interested in learning more, click here.

Serving the Healthcare Industry

Our Healthcare Division services a wide range of facilities within the healthcare industry.  We offer patient gowns, towels, bed linens, scrubs, uniforms, and more.  In addition, Metro Linen Service also provides a full line of products designed to maintain your facilities including floor mats, air refreshing systems, and specialty towels for cleaning.

With exceptionally high quality products and our servicing program, we can insure that your needs are met so that you never have to worry about it…giving you the time to focus on your patients.

If you are a business within the healthcare industry and are interested in learning more, click here.

Serving the Special Events Industry

Our special events division, Metro Events, has hundreds of options available to offer within our linen collections.  Metro Events also rents tables and chairs.  Metro Events specializes in creating your vision for your special event. From intimate to extravagant, no event is too small or too large for our dedicated team.

If you are planning an event, a catering/banquet manager, or event planner, click here.



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Our History

Since 1987

Metro Linen Service began in 1927 by Frank Crowder who owned a production facility located on Cole Street, located in the now known Historic District of McKinney, Texas.

Mr. Crowder and his employees provided laundering service to local businesses such as restaurants as well as serving the Military Hospital that was also located in McKinney.

Later, Mr. Crowder sold his company and the production facility was relocated from Cole Street to its current location today on Industrial Boulevard in McKinney.

In the early years, the company serviced customers with a fleet of three vehicles with accounts in the North Texas area including Dallas and Fort Worth.

In 1987, Roger D Harris purchased the company.

Soon after acquiring the business, Mr. Harris had identified additional industries with a need for textile rental services.  A new business plan was launched for the company and today, with over 125 employees, a fleet of over 30 vehicles and an experienced team of experts, Metro Linen Service has become one of the largest independently owned and operated linen service companies in the state of Texas.

From the production facility in McKinney, Metro Linen Service provides exceptional quality textiles and servicing programs for the Hospitality, Healthcare, and Special Events industry sectors in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin areas as well as the South Central region of Oklahoma.

Due to the company’s reputation and quality products, Metro Linen Service continues to attain new customers while retaining its current clients.

If you are not already a customer of ours, we’d appreciate the opportunity to show you how you could benefit from our products and services.  Click here to reach our sales team.

Meet Our Management Team

Roger D. Harris, President

Roger has over 40 years experience in the linen service, uniform rental, textile and laundry equipment industry; he is often sought for his industry expertise.  He is actively involved in the community serving on the City Council, Economical Development Board, Airport Boards, Chamber of Commerce Boards and Workforce Development Board.  Roger enjoys leadership development, riding his motorcycle cross-country and is a private pilot.

Karen Cox – Director of Operations

Karen oversees the day to day department activities for Metro Linen Service and is also the Director of the special events division of Metro Linen Service, Metro Events.  Through her vision, Metro Events provides services to meet your special event needs including specialty linen, table and chair rentals.

Kenny Warmke – Director of Engineering

Kenny is responsible for the nuts and bolts of the operation, literally.  He maintains all of Metro’s production equipment including Metro’s computerized wash system and maintains the entire fleet of vehicles and properties.  Kenny is one of the best engineers in the industry today and, without a doubt, his talents are not underutilized.

Roy Cullum –Director/Houston Operations

Roy oversees the day to day operations and expansion of the Houston branch.  He works closely with our McKinney team to insure consistent quality and excellent service for our Houston area customers.

Jeremiah Sicher – Director, Service Department

As Metro’s Service Department Director, Jeremiah oversees the entire Service Department which includes Route Management, a team of Route Service Representatives, customer renewals, customer satisfaction, and special requests for accounts.  His enthusiastic approach carries through in everything he does!



Metro Linen Service takes its environmental impact seriously and seeks methods to minimize the impact on the environment from our operation.

We have made significant financial investments to reduce the amount of energy we use, and to reclaim water and heat to reduce our impact upon the environment.

We recycle wherever possible, and while recognizing that some products need to be disposable for infection control, we place an emphasis on products which can be re-used.

In particular, cotton, a major raw material for many of our products, is a sustainable and renewable resource, which is recycled at the end of its life rather than being sent to a landfill.

Being Eco Friendly isn’t just a statement…it is a responsibility we take seriously!

Clean Green certified textile services operations meet quality standards for effectiveness in conserving resources, controlling sewer discharges and otherwise minimizing environmental impact. A business that uses uniforms, linens, floor mats and other reusable textiles laundered by a Clean Green facility can point to the certification as evidence that these were washed, dried and finished with techniques selected to maximize sustainability.

Industrial-scale laundries are most likely to meet Clean Green standards because they deploy high-capacity washing, drying and wrinkle-removal equipment, so their processes are far more efficient than those of home washing machines or smaller commercial laundries. To obtain the certification, laundries must document their efficiencies in water and energy use and deploy best management practices (BMPs) such as:

•    Recovering heat from drained hot water and heat dispersed from the process of warming water
•    Recapturing drained water from rinses for reuse
•    Using environmentally friendly detergents
•    Removing solids and liquids from waste water
•    Solar energy and energy-efficient lighting
•    Recycling programs
•    Re-routing trucks to save vehicle fuel
•    Spill prevention plans
•    Preventive maintenance

Certification Reflects Launderer’s Proficiency:

1) Quantifiable

2) Objective

3) Continuous

4) Internationally Recognized

Benefits of a Linen Rental Program

If you have not already seriously thought about a linen rental program, please consider these benefits:

No Capital Investment

You do not need to invest capital expenses on processing equipment or replenishment merchandise.  Real linen costs can be carefully budgeted and monitored.

Increased Profitability

By outsourcing the laundering needs, you are eliminating the variable costs from an on-premise laundry including detergents, utilities, and maintenance to name a few.

Your linen cost is determined only by your linen usage, not equipment problems labor issues, etc…


We deliver fresh, hygienically clean healthcare/hospitality linen on a regular schedule that you can rely on.

Customized Rental Programs

Metro Linen Service will work with you to determine a delivery schedule and inventory that meets your needs.

Customer Appreciation

A clean, professional image keeps you in the best light with your customers.  Happy customers often come back.

Eco Friendly

Reusable linen IS the best environmental option for the conscientious manager.